Workflow Wizard - Layer

What is a Workflow Layer?

XML (WorkflowName.gse.xml) file containing a snap shot of the Feature workflow table contents. It is designed for map display in GeoSync GO and GeoSync GO Desktop. The XML definition includes spatial information (Latitude, Longitude), GeoSync GO ID's, settings and properties and user fields (attributes).  The user fields are a subset of the Feature table columns checked as part of the workflow definition.  

Where is a Workflow Layer saved?

The Workflow Layer XML file (*.gse.xml) is saved per selected project. The layer is named "WorkflowName.gse.xml"  The path is "My Documents\GeoSync Go\Manager\GsGo[GOUID][PROJECTID]\GeoSearchLayers".  A list of user columns included in the Layer definition is saved as an SQL View in the database.

How do you define and create a Workflow Layer?

  • Check the user columns you want to include in the workflow layer
  • Set the layer properties
  • Check the projects you want the layer saved to
  • Click the "Build and Save Map Feature Layer" button

Can I change the order of the columns?

Yes, 1) select a column and use the Up / Down arrows; or, 2) drag and drop the column up or down the list.

What properties can be specified for a Workflow Layer?

  • Zoom Level: Maximum and Minimum zoom level where the layer features will be visible on a map
  • Allow Edit: deterimines if the Features contained in the layer can be edited from the Desktop software
  • Allow Add: determines if Features can be added from the Desktop software
  • Auto Publish: determines if the layer is automatically added to the Auto Publish list.  You have to start publishing from the publishing interface to actually publish the layer to the cloud.
  • Relates: identify stored views with Linked data you would like to show up under the Records tab in the Desktop software when you select a feature.  i.e. inspection records

How does the Workflow Layer get updated with data?

When a layer is opened in the Desktop software it tries to connect to the workflow database - if the connection is successful it refreshes its data (get's a new snap shot).  The same is true when you publish the layer and/or when you click the Refresh button on the Map toolbar.  If a database connection is not available the last snap shot of data is retained and displayed.

How does a Workflow Layer get updated on my mobile device?

Updating or deploying layers to a mobile device follows these steps...

  • Publishing to the cloud outbox from the Desktop software
  • Syncing (Updating) a GeoSync GO project on the mobile device