Workflow Wizard - Import Data

How to...

  • Open the workflow wizard and select your target workflow
  • Go the Data Import tab and click the Workflow Import button
  • Pick the layer you want to import from the Layer dropdown list - your exported layer should be there
  • Click the Connect button - this will populate the grid below the button
    • Click the AutoMatch button to set exact match fields
    • Manually match import fields with target workflow fields
      • HINT: the first time you do this just try to match 1 or 2 fields and complete the process to make sure it is working - you can come back and redo the import with a complete match after you better understand how the import works.  This also makes it easier to troubleshoot potentially bad feature data.
  • Click the update button to import the features
    • Log tab will show a log of what happened
      • HINT: If the import fails - try to import without any matching fields - a) if this doesn't work then you probably have a data problem - go back to ArcGIS / repair geometry / export the feature class again.  b) if this works then there is a datatype or size problem with one of more of the fields you are trying to match.
    • DANGER: Tools tab - Clear Table button will let you clear the workflow (permanently delete records)
      • this is OK and often necessary when you are trying to get features into the table for the first time
  • Close out of the workflow wizard - 
    • open your workflow layer to see the records
    • go to the dashboard and clidk the features report from the appropriate workflow reports