Workflow Wizard - Form

What is a workflow form?

Customized data input form for entering information - its purpose is to provide a template for capturing data reports through GeoSync GO. The form supports prompts with the following data input types:

  • Text Box
  • Customized Dropdown List
  • Date
  • Yes / No Toggle
  • Comment Box

Where are the forms saved?

Forms are saved as XML documents in the cloud.  Copies are saved to the local computer.  

Can I have more than 1 form for a workflow?

Yes, you can create as many forms as you would like for each workflow

How do I create a new form?

From the GeoSync GO Desktop Wizard - use the Add button to create a new form.  Change the name and description; check the projects you want the form associated with; click the save or update button. You can also import existing forms.

Description of Properties...

  • Name: the name of the form you want displayed
  • Description: a description of the form
  • Workflow ID: this is not editable but identifies which workflow the form is associated with
  • Process: Standard or Advanced - specifies whether created reports will be updated to the Feature or Inspection table in the SQL database.  The Workflow ID + Process provide GeoSync GO Desktop sufficient information to automatically create a database update process for reports created using the form.
  • Use GPS XY: Reports created using the form will use the GPS Location of the device at the time the report is saved.  This is regardless of how report is initiated - user point or feature identification. NOTE: if you use this option the report will ignore the location on the map where you click to initiate the report and will use the internal GPS coordinates.
  • Update Features: Use this option if you want to update existing feature attributes.  The normal update procedure is to create a new database record for every report. With this option checked reports that are linked to existing features will be updated and all other reports will be added as new features.

How do workflow forms get updated to my mobile device?

Forms are deployed by project and become available in GeoSync GO through these steps:

  • From GeoSync GO Desktop - Workflow Wizard - Workflow Form - Make sure your form is selected and your project is checked in the projects pane and click the save / update button
  • From GeoSync GO - sync your project.