Workflow Wizard - Form Designer

Adding or editing a field

  • Add: Click the add button or use one of the import options - import from workflow table provides a list of columns from the current workflow definition
  • Edit: Double click one of the rows in the designer grid

Field options

  • Field Type: Text, List, Yes/No, Group (Tab) or Date
  • Name: primary name of the field - if you want reports to update a table record then this name must match exactly to the name in the Feature or Inspection table
  • Prompt: an alias for information purposes
  • Default: For text records this is the default value for lists it is the index of the record in the list
  • Required entry before saving: check this if you want field input to be a requirement before saving the report
  • Readonly: designate the field for information purposes only

I created a drop down list in the workflow definition for this field. Do I have to recreate it?

No, set the field type to list and click the "Get List" button.  This should import any list you have already created for this field.


Can I reorder the fields?

Yes, select a row in the list and use the up / down arrows to reorder the field

Can I have more than one (1) group or tab?

Yes, add a new field and set it's type to Group

How do I save my changes?

Click the save button on the toolbar

Can I update the field drop lists created in the workflow definition with those in the form?

Yes, tools are available on the toolbar to import and export the lists

Can I have fields in my form that do not match to my database table?

Yes, however any data entered into a report using these fields cannot be updated to the database.  It can be exported to a CSV file from the Reports view or web site prior to processing the report.