Sample Workflow

  • Add new customers to a street map in the office or remotely
  • Enter and track basic customer information such as name, address, contact
  • Attach photos and / or resource information about the customer
  • Have this information available from my computer phone or tablet

What you need to accomplish these goals...

  • Windows 7 or 8 Computer
  • GeoSync GO Cloud Account (Free account will work) - Sign up at
  • GeoSync GO Desktop installed on the Windows 7 or 8 Computer
    • GeoSync GO Desktop Download
    • Set your default location... How to
    • Make sure General Preferences are checked...
      • Go Desktop: Master Timer On
      • AutoRefresh
      • Go Desktop: Feature Editing Allowed
  • GeoSync GO (mobile) installed on your desktop or mobile device
    • Sign in to GeoSync GO on your desktop or mobile device
    • Menu - Settings - Edit Account

Creating a new workflow...

  • Open the desktop software and sign in to your account
  • Click the Workflow Wizard icon on the main menu
  • Click Add Workflow
    • Use the blank template and click OK
    • Enter the Workflow name - MyCustomerTracking

Define MyCustomerTracking columns (table definition)

  • Click MyCustomerTracking from the workflow list (opens the workflow for edit)
  • Click the Settings Tab - Workflow Definition tab
  • Create (Add) columns (fields) for the information you want to track about your customers
    • CustName - String - 100
    • CustStreet - String - 100
    • CustCity - String - 50
    • CustState - String - 50
    • CustContact - String - 100
    • CustEmail - String - 50
    • ContractDate - Date
    • Comments - String - 250

Define MyCustomerTracking workflow layer definition - click the tab

  • Defines the information available from the map
  • Check each of the columns you created above
  • Check one or more projects you want this layer to be associated with - lower right panel
  • Click the Build Map Feature Layer button to create the layer and associate it with selected project

Create a Field Form - click the tab

  • Click the Add button
  • Edit the name to MyCustomers in the properties pane
  • Check Update Features
  • Check the project you want this for associated with
  • Click the Save button on the toolbar

Design your MyCustomers form - click the tab

  • From the import button select Workflow Table
    • Select the columns you added above from the list and click OK
  • Double click these rows in the designer and make these settings
    • Group1 - Change prompt to CustomerInfo
    • ContractDate - Change type to Date
    • Comments - Change type to Comment
  • Click the Save button

  • Close the Workflow Wizard...

Congratulations - you've built your first WorkFlow!!!!

Add your first customer from the GeoSync GO Desktop

  • Make MyCustomerTracking layer active - 1st button on the map toolbar
  • Navigate on the map to a customer location
  • Right click on the map to set a user location
  • Click the Add button - left information panel
  • Enter information and click close and save
  • A marker will appear on the screen at your customer location
  • Click the marker (bottom of the marker to select) 
    • info will be displayed
    • Click the Edit button to make changes

Publish your layer to the cloud for syncing

  • Click the Publishing label on bottom status bar
  • Refresh the layers
  • Find MyCustomerTracking.gse.xml and check it
  • Click the Publish button at the bottom of the form to publish the layer
  • Click on the Project node to display the cloud contents in the right panel

Start Processing

  • Click on the Processing label on the bottom status bar
  • Click Start All button
  • You will need to have processing running to capture field reports

Sync your mobile device and start using the information

  • Make sure you have an active project on the device
  • Menu - Project - Context Menu(3 dots) - Sync
  • Your layer and form will be avaible for you to use
  • Create new customers, update existing customers, attach and view attached media