Public Safety Workflows

GeoSync GO is a perfect solution for adding mobile applications to your Public Safety workflows. Whether you want to create your own applications (maps, forms, reports) or you want an "out of the box" application, GeoSync GO can meet your needs.

MapSync Co, creator of GeoSync GO, has been developing and supporting mapping applications for Public Safety workflows for nearly 20 years. Out of the box applications including a hosted database and pre-defined templates are available for the following Public Safety workflows:

  • Fire Planning
  • E911 Addressing
  • Emergency Management

GeoSync GO is an easy to use, flexible, set of tools and software for building, managing and viewing data sets like

  • Fire Hydrants
  • Address Points
  • Preplans
  • Damage Assessments
  • Call and event tracking
  • Site investigations

It is being used by a growing number of Public Safety departments both as a total mapping solution and simply as a tool to extend existing mapping / GIS operations.  

Download and view the following PDF for more information on "out of the box" applications as well as to get ideas on how you could create your own GeoSync GO applications.