Local Government Solutions

MapSync Solutions are targeted "out of the box" data management solutions for local government.  These are proven "workflow centric"  approaches for managing spatial data and can be used to extend existing GIS functionality or as stand alone solutions.  All solutions are designed to take advantage of the latest technology including phones and tablets and to easily integrate with existing databases.  Technical support, training, consulting, database hosting  and setup services are available  through the GIS Services Team at CDP Engineers, Inc .  Current MapSync Solutions include…

  • MS4 Data Management - data management for tracking and reporting activities, inspections and features required by the MS4 program.  Find out more at www.cdpengineers.com/ms4

  • Public Safety Solutions

    • Fire Planning - tools for mapping, collecting, and managing pre-plan, fire hydrant, hazard, and landing zone information.  Software licensing is included to allow for data sharing and deployment of critical information.
    • E911 Addressing - tools for mapping, collecting, and managing address information critical to E911 dispatch.

    • Emergency Management - tools for mapping, collecting and managing damage assessment information (event based and daily).  Emergency planning information including shelters and resources can be managed as well. Event based mobile licensing is included to allow for sharing and deployment of critical information - during a disaster.

  • Utility Data Management - targeted services for assisting small to medium size utilities in the implementation of efficient and sustainable GIS and asset management operations.  These services include consulting, training, data services and technical support as well as access to MapSync software tools for desktop, mobile and web.  

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