Hydrant Flow Testing

Fire hydrant flow testing is an activity nearly every community needs to regularly do and update. An effective hydrant flow testing program can ensure first responders have accurate information regarding fire flow pressures, improve community insurance rates, and provide valuable water system operation information.  

Flow testing requires visits to fire hydrants in the water system which is time consuming.  Most often results are written down on paper which has to be entered and tranlslated into a database or spreadsheet in the office (time consuming process).  Once testing results have been accumulated in the office calculations must be performed to determine the hydrant fire flow rating - again a laborious process.

GeoSync GO supports fire hydrant flow testing workflows by

  • allowing testing results to be entered into a form on a tablet or phone
  • transporting results via cloud directly to the office and into a database
  • automatically calculating the fire hydrant rating and generating reports
  • results are GIS ready - each report has a latitude and longitude as well as date / time

All of this can be accomplished in any office with a Windows 7 or 8 computer and an internet connection.  Follow this link for details on how to use GeoSync GO for hydrant flow testing operations.

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