Latest GeoSync GO Desktop Version and Update List

GeoSync GO Desktop Version 2.0.5994.17112 May 30, 2016

  • Dashboard - Build custom expression tool NEW!
  • Dashboard (FIX) - Export will export filtered tabular data 
  • Desktop - Cloud processing option is supported for Cloud SQL Users
  • Various fixes and enhancements

GeoSync GO Desktop Version 2.0.5926.26880 April 4, 2016

  • Dashboard - Improved load and refresh performance
  • GIS Layers - New connection options
  • Various fixes and enhancements

 GeoSync GO Desktop Version 2.0.5916.32695 March 13, 2016

  • Bug fixes

GeoSync GO Desktop Version 2.0.5913.13855 March 10, 2016

  • Web Map Layers: Allow saved configuration and background import
  • Coming Options: Email notifications and preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Layer Attributes and Dashboard Reports: Ability to split screen and link to related table information
  • Increased error trapping and logging - log can be viewed from Help menu
  • Command line options
    • running in the background with a tray icon
    • auto start without signing in
    • auto start processing, publishing, notifications
  • Various enhancements and fixes

GeoSync GO Desktop Version 2.0.5859.27371 January 19, 2016

  • Security improvements
  • Base layer management improvements
  • various fixes

GeoSync GO Desktop Version 2.0.5789.14515 November 7, 2015

  • Web Map Creation: New and updated tools for creating web maps; Tools for publishing SQL Base Layers
  • SQL Database: New connection option for cloud hosted databases
  • Various enhancements and fixes 

GeoSync GO Desktop Version 2.0.5700.11853 August 10, 2015

  • Various enhancements and fixes

GeoSync GO Desktop Version 2.0.5674.11797 July 15, 2015

  • Various enhancements and fixes

GeoSync GO Desktop Version 2.0.5649.18771 June 20, 2015

  • Field Forms: Quick form menu option for building forms without using the workflow wizard. Quick forms do not require a database receiving table and cannot be processed like workflow forms. Reports created using these forms are stored in the cloud inbox and can be saved to a GeoSync GO layer and then exported as a CSV or Shape File.
  • Pending Reports: Reports in the inbox can be selected and saved as a GeoSync GO layer for display and export
  • BETA - Print Template Tools: create custom html print reports for use with GeoSync GO Layers and workflow related tables
  • Bug fixes and updates

GeoSync GO Desktop Version 2.0.5612.13946 May 14, 2015

  • Bugfix: processing error fix

GeoSync GO Desktop Version 2.0.5609.18262 May 11, 2015

  • Bugfix: GPS Location Bug when creating reports
  • Base map symbology updates for water / sewer symbols
  • Processing: FormID field in the workflow table 
    • updated with FormName plus Form GUID
    • Records can be sorted by FormName

GeoSync GO Desktop Version 2.0.5584.9096 April 24, 2015

  • Find by Latitude and Longitude tool - options
    • Decimal Degrees
    • Degrees Minutes
    • Degrees Minutes Seconds
  • Prefill option from existing records when adding a new workflow feature
    • using the add feature button
    • browse existing features; prefill from selected feature
  • Mobile configuration improving "touch" functions on tablets
  • Import / Export Map Settings tool for deploying base maps and XML layers with WI-FI
  • Various enhancements and bug fixes

GeoSync GO Desktop Version 2.0.5561.22026 March 25, 2015

  • New GPS Auto-Tracking Option with refresh and rotation settings
    • Requires MapSync GPS Connector Tool - connects to External NMEA GPS device
    • Internal GPS not supported unless NMEA protocol available
  • GeoSearch Tool enhancements (Address and feature searching)
    • New tree style interface
    • Support for Quicksearch files
  • Enhancements to inspection review tools
    • Radio buttons for approval and rejection
    • New Manual update option - update one field at a time
    • Edit From and To records
    • Global override for Accept All or Reject All
  • BETA: Support for SQL Spatial data as dynamic base layers
    • Supports SQL workflow database and SQL Local DB (allows mobile deployment)
    • Conversion tool to SQL Spatial from WGS 1984 Shape Files and GeoSync GO XML Layers
    • Layer visibility tool
    • Templates
    • Configuration is manual using text files (info not yet published)
  • Workflow: Ability to import Polylines and Polygons as features using SQL Spatial
    • No Feature Editing only attribute editing
  • BETA: GeoSync GO Network Tools for pipe and road networks
    • Shortest distance
    • Valve isolation
    • Network trace - connectivity
    • Approximate travel distance buffers i.e. 5 mile travel distance from a point
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements

GeoSync GO Desktop Version 2.0.5453.18807 December 6, 2014

  • Workflow: Added ReportDate as a field option to workflow layer
  • Workflow: Option to force report date to be processed and saved in local time instead of UTC
  • Various fixes and enhancements

GeoSync GO Desktop Version 2.0.5418.14356 November 3, 2014

  • Web Maps BETA - targeted browser based applications
    • Publish your projects to the web for use in a browser
    • Visualize, query and identify layers
    • View linked media
    • Quick Search - Create and deploy customized searches
  • GeoSearch Engine Settings - source and projection
  • Dashboard Updates:
    • Filter using operator
    • Improved export
    • Open and save user reports
    • Geocoding tools added - requires a valid GeoSearch Engine
  • SQL Connections - autocreate standard tables
  • Map View: Export layer improvements
  • Preferences: Drop down list of global map providers for custom map
  • Workflow: Fixes to auto table XML backup
  • Workflow: BETA support for creating workflows with polygon and polyline geometries
  • Various updates and fixes

GeoSync GO Desktop Version 2.0.5326.11930 August 2, 2014

  • Reports View: Enhanced Point snap and Line snap data previews including linked media
  • Export update - set path and improve Shape file export
  • Determine valid Hydrant Forms from fields not by form name
  • Additional checking for protected fieldnames and illegal characters
  • Drag and drop columns in workflow list without refreshing each move
  • ProjectID column support - new records should always reference active ProjectID
  • Improved Custom Layer save and build functions
  • GPS Support: requires MapSync GPS IVL Tool be installed
  • Bug Fix: Save error caused by invalid date strings
  • Desktop: software checks for internet connection after signing out of the account
  • Workflow Relates: Specify and store fields for related tables. New settings table created. Improved interface.
  • Report Processing: Update Latitude and Longitude from user fields. "userXLong" and "userYLat" fields. If values found in a report coordinates will be updated.
  • Desktop: Change Zoom Close level Preference and add toggle for 2nd level - zoomclose - zoom far
  • LayerSettings: Customize filter and workflow settings
  • Desktop Map: Reference Layer support added
  • Various updates and fixes

GeoSync GO Desktop Version 2.0.5305.12916 July 14, 2014

  • Bug Fix: Handle dates on FREE accounts
  • Map Layers: Table view retains data types - enables numeric and date sorting
  • Device Management: assignment process update and interface enhancements
  • Bug Fix: Error when trying to search or filter a map layer
  • Various updates and fixes

GeoSync GO Desktop Version 2.0.5282.13166 June 18, 2014

  • Dashboard: Added tool to view and add media
  • Workflow Wizard: Added option to add columns from other workflows
  • Dashboard: Updated icons
  • Improvements for using GeoSync GO Desktop as a disconnected device
  • Workflow Wizard: Added full support for "Shared" project types
  • Form Design: Edit field dialog provides list index for default values
  • Various updates and fixes