Data Management

Sustainable data management is difficult for any organization or company to achieve.  The growing demand for "good" digital data (planning, business anlalysis, regulatory compliance) is only going to accelerate.  Organizations need tools that are affordable and capable of leveraging existing technology and using whatever resoureces they have available today; not futre resources.

Regardless of the type of data you have to manage - here are some basic tips for achieving success.

Key Concepts - simple but important

  • It is a process - not a one time effort
  • You need to understand your mission - data requirements / accuracy / frequency / deliverables
  • Start with what you have - Move toward where you want to be
  • Know what information is most important for you - take time to figure this out
    • Having everything you want is unlikely - Unreasonable expectations sets you up for failure
  • Focus on low hanging fruit and CRITICAL information

Basic Steps Forward

Step 1: Identify and locate what you have

  • GIS data
  • Spreadsheets
  • Paper forms

Step 2: Develop and implement two (2) management tracks

A: Capturing new information forward from a specific date

  • Implement a sustainable plan going forward - new stuff

B: Working backward capturing existing legacy information

  • Capture what you can focused on what is most important … don’t worry about completeness

Step 3: Use the information – don’t hold back because you are missing some pieces

  • Report, adjust, update

  • Review time and resources spent against value and importance

  • Adjust where you can

  • Greatest effort on what is most important to your mission