Custom Search

  • Open your project in GeoSync GO Desktop
  • Choose the Tools Menu
  • Choose the Build Search File option
  • From the General tab, click the Green Plus to add a NewLayer to the Layer listing.
    • Click to select the NewLayer in the Layer list
    • Modify the fields on the right to:
      • Choose the GeoSync Go Layer you want to search on
      • Choose the Search Field
      • Choose up to 3 additional descriptive fields to be displayed in your search results
      • Click Update
      • Click Build, then click OK when prompted that your records have been processed.
    • Select the Preview and Test tab to preview the results from your search

To utilize in GeoSyncGO Desktop:

  • Project Settings and Tools
  • Select Map Settings
  • On the GeoSearch tab, check the box for GeoSearch Active.  If the search file is found, it will automatically be searched just like any geosearch engine (.GSE).

How to deploy (Publish) a custom search

After publishing, a custom search can be used by mobile users and web map users.

  • Open your project in GeoSync GO Desktop
  • Click on Tools
  • Choose Office Processing and Publishing
  • Choose Publishing
  • On the Map Layers Tab, expand Basic Layers
  • To select all layers for publish, click to select the appropriate Project in the left pane.
  • Click to select
  • Click the Publish button (bottom of window)

The new search functionality will be available on mobile devices after they have synced.

Need help with Syncing?  Click here