Create LineSnap

Step 1:

  • Set the active layer to LineSnaps
  • Tap and hold (about a second) on the screen to create a user point for the beginning of your line. ¬†Repeat the 'tap & hold' to set additional line vertices until you have created the desired line

Step 2:

  • Click on the user point label ¬†of the last user point set to show the feature information (attributes)
  • From the context menu (3 vertical dots) select GeoSnap option

Step 3:

  • Compose your message; sender, subject, message
  • Click the Snap button to open the camera and link a picture (optional)
  • Click the Save button

Step 4:

  • Congratulations! you've created a line snap!
  • Create another...
  • LineSnaps are available to all devices activated to the current project - just make LineSnaps the current layer