Introducing GeoSync GO Web Map

The ability to publish your GeoSync GO projects to the web for use in a browser is NEW with the most current desktop release.  This provides a NEW way to share your maps and deploy targeted mapping applications. Follow this link to preview a map containing World Cities.  (Turn on the World Cities layer; enter Canada in the Search box to find cities in Canada.)

Publishing a web map takes only a view clicks and provides the following functionality:

  • Select background map
  • Zoom and pan
  • Set a default location and zoom level
  • Open published GeoSync GO Layers; visualize, search, identify
    • Two layers can be opened at once - primary and reference
    • Update layers by simply publishing them from the desktop software
  • Search options include;
    • Quick Search (NEW); customized search you design and publish from the GeoSync GO Desktop
    • Layer Search; search the primary layer
    • Street Address in North America;  enter at any time STREET, CITY, STATE i.e. “700 Capital Avenue Bay, Frankfort, KY”
  • View linked media by identifying a feature and clicking the media button

Introducing MapSync Solutions for Local Government

MapSync Solutions are targeted "out of the box" data management solutions for local government.  These are proven "workflow centric"  approaches for managing spatial data and can be used to extend existing GIS functionality or as stand alone solutions.  All solutions are designed to take advantage of the latest technology including phones and tablets and to easily integrate with existing databases.  Technical support, training, consulting, database hosting  and setup services are available  through the GIS Services Team at CDP Engineers, Inc .  Current MapSync Solutions include…

  • MS4 Data Management - data management for tracking and reporting activities, inspections and features required by the MS4 program.  Find out more at

  • Public Safety Solutions

    • Fire Planning - tools for mapping, collecting, and managing pre-plan, fire hydrant, hazard, and landing zone information.  Software licensing is included to allow for data sharing and deployment of critical information.
    • E911 Addressing - tools for mapping, collecting, and managing address information critical to E911 dispatch.

    • Emergency Management - tools for mapping, collecting and managing damage assessment information (event based and daily).  Emergency planning information including shelters and resources can be managed as well. Event based mobile licensing is included to allow for sharing and deployment of critical information - during a disaster.

  • Utility Data Management - targeted services for assisting small to medium size utilities in the implementation of efficient and sustainable GIS and asset management operations.  These services include consulting, training, data services and technical support as well as access to MapSync software tools for desktop, mobile and web.

Mobile Applications for Public Safety Workflows

GeoSync GO is a perfect solution for adding mobile applications to your Public Safety workflows. Whether you want to create your own applications (maps, forms, reports) or you want an "out of the box" application, GeoSync GO can meet your needs.

MapSync Co, creator of GeoSync GO, has been developing and supporting mapping applications for Public Safety workflows for nearly 20 years. Out of the box applications including a hosted database and pre-defined templates are available for the following Public Safety workflows:

  • Fire Planning
  • E911 Addressing
  • Emergency Management

GeoSync GO is an easy to use, flexible, set of tools and software for building, managing and viewing data sets like

  • Fire Hydrants
  • Address Points
  • Preplans
  • Damage Assessments
  • Call and event tracking
  • Site investigations

It is being used by a growing number of Public Safety departments both as a total mapping solution and simply as a tool to extend existing mapping / GIS operations.  

Download and view the following PDF for more information on "out of the box" applications as well as to get ideas on how you could create your own GeoSync GO applications.


MS4s using GeoSync GO Powered Data Managment

MS4s are mandated to implement a stormwater management program that includes a number of recurring data management activities.  CDP Engineers, Inc., powered by GeoSync GO, has developed a data management solution suitable for any sized MS4 - GeoSync GO MS4.  The solution includes a hosted MS SQL database and includes pre-built workflows (forms, layers, reports for desktop and mobile) for the following MS4 activities.

  • Construction Sites
  • Outfalls
  • Illicit Discharge Investigation
  • Citizen Calls
  • Stormwater Maintenance
  • Program activities - Education, Training and General
  • Post Construction BMPs

MS4s can customize their forms and workflows and create new workflows.  

Data Management - Basic Steps to Success

Sustainable data management is difficult for any organization or company to achieve.  The growing demand for "good" digital data (planning, business anlalysis, regulatory compliance) is only going to accelerate.  Organizations need tools that are affordable and capable of leveraging existing technology and using whatever resoureces they have available today; not futre resources.

Regardless of the type of data you have to manage - here are some basic tips for achieving success.

Key Concepts - simple but important

  • It is a process - not a one time effort
  • You need to understand your mission - data requirements / accuracy / frequency / deliverables
  • Start with what you have - Move toward where you want to be
  • Know what information is most important for you - take time to figure this out
    • Having everything you want is unlikely - Unreasonable expectations sets you up for failure
  • Focus on low hanging fruit and CRITICAL information

Basic Steps Forward

Step 1: Identify and locate what you have

  • GIS data
  • Spreadsheets
  • Paper forms

Step 2: Develop and implement two (2) management tracks

A: Capturing new information forward from a specific date

  • Implement a sustainable plan going forward - new stuff

B: Working backward capturing existing legacy information

  • Capture what you can focused on what is most important … don’t worry about completeness

Step 3: Use the information – don’t hold back because you are missing some pieces

  • Report, adjust, update

  • Review time and resources spent against value and importance

  • Adjust where you can

  • Greatest effort on what is most important to your mission

GeoSync GO Automates Hydrant Flow Testing

Fire hydrant flow testing is an activity nearly every community needs to regularly do and update. An effective hydrant flow testing program can ensure first responders have accurate information regarding fire flow pressures, improve community insurance rates, and provide valuable water system operation information.  

Flow testing requires visits to fire hydrants in the water system which is time consuming.  Most often results are written down on paper which has to be entered and tranlslated into a database or spreadsheet in the office (time consuming process).  Once testing results have been accumulated in the office calculations must be performed to determine the hydrant fire flow rating - again a laborious process.

GeoSync GO supports fire hydrant flow testing workflows by

  • allowing testing results to be entered into a form on a tablet or phone
  • transporting results via cloud directly to the office and into a database
  • automatically calculating the fire hydrant rating and generating reports
  • results are GIS ready - each report has a latitude and longitude as well as date / time

All of this can be accomplished in any office with a Windows 7 or 8 computer and an internet connection.  Follow this link for details on how to use GeoSync GO for hydrant flow testing operations.

Cache Tiles from ArcGIS Using the TileBuilder App

You can now create cached tiles in OSM format from your ArcMAP MXD using the GeoSync GO Tile Builder App. Download this free tool from our web site.

To find out how it works, download this Getting Started PDF...

Cached tiles can be easily copied to your mobile device for use in either a connected or disconnected environment.

Utilities Using GeoSync GO for Asset Management

GeoSync GO is being utilized by utilities as part of their asset management program to improve efficiency and implement electronic recording keeping.  Efficiency can generally be improved by making current and accurate information readily available to operation personnel, whether they are in the shop or in the field. Electronic record keeping can be implemented and improved by converting paper forms and notes into digital forms and utilizing technology such as tablets or phones to capture inspections and reports. Utilities are using GeoSync GO in a number of different ways including:

  • publishing and deploying facility maps on tablets, phones and / or laptop computers.
  • capturing photos and sharing photos or pdfs via the cloud
  • utilizing custom forms on mobile devices to capture information; information is transported via the cloud directly to the office
  • extending the functionality of existing GIS operations to mobile devices
  • tracking historical information for regulatory compliance and reporting

The flexibility of GeoSync GO and its ease of use is allowing utilities of all sizes (1 person on up) to make their information available to their employees.