Built for GIS

Designed by engineers, GIS professionals and land surveyors to solve real world asset management problems.

Resilient performance

High availability and intrinsic security with the guaranteed uptime of Windows Azure servers.

Mobile first

Developed from the ground up with a strong focus on mobile platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows.

Based on proven methodologies

The mechanics of GeoSync GO evolved from over 20 years of asset management experience. The design team initally developed and implemented mapping solutions utilizing backpack GPS units and early versions of ArcView, ArcInfo and AutoCAD software in the early 90's. The first GeoSync product was released in the mid 90's to meet the need for affordable, workflow-oriented GIS software. We have taken our history of simplifying complex geographic tasks and married it with modern technology to create GeoSync GO.

More choice and no lock-in

The flexibility of GeoSync GO comes from viewing it as a toolbox. Not everyone will need every tool, but you are free to choose the tools that can bring value to your asset management scenario. Additionally, if your GIS circumstances change, the GeoSync GO toolbox can be adapted to fit a new set of requirements. There are multiple ways to take advantage of GeoSync GO and you can always export the data from our software into standardized formats.

Why use GeoSync GO?

GeoSync GO is a collection of powerful tools to aid in three aspects of asset management: map viewing, field collection and data management. A host of features are currently available and new features are constantly being worked on by a passionate team.

  • Customizable collection forms
  • GPS integration
  • Cloud synchronization
  • Image and document linking
  • MSSQL database integration
  • Feature editing and reporting
  • Cross platform software
  • User-defined workflows
  • Tools for ArcGIS
  • Shapefile and CSV exporting